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Judson Associates is a design studio established in 1990 by P.R.Judson, an award winning architect in Kerala  and he is a Universal Record Holder. The company currently has headquarters in Kochi, Kerala and a branch in the UAE Judson Interior Decoration L.L.C. We have a proficient team of best Engineers, and Interior Designers in Kerala . We also have an Interior Fit-out factory in Alappuzha, Kerala.

Our unique and comprehensive insight in determining the ideal design along with our capability to invoke remarkable plans grants us an edge from the rest. Each design ventured is done professionally, with modern, and innovative technologies and qualified workforce. We intend to create youthful, and versatile styles of design without trading off quality.

The firm continually evolves, keeping abreast of regulatory obligations, and sustainability, yet invariably sojourning focused on our tradition of excellence and perfection. Judson Associates – the best interior designers in Kerala , under Judson’s competent guidance has won various awards, honors, and recognitions over the years made one among the top 10, list of famous award winning architect in Kerala.


  • America Book of Records
  • URF World Records


  • Largest Architectural Perspective Drawn without Lifting the Hand
  • Largest Architectural Perspective Hand Drawn(Upside Down)

Our Mission

Our central goal is to convey an incentive to our clients by making down to earth and contemporary designs to live up to their desires. Judson Associates is dedicated to making interior designs that mirror our customer’s identity and way of life, by catching their outline dreams and making them a reality. We are the top designers in Cochin who are devoted to tuning into our customers in an expert way and completing the outline procedure until the point when the coveted item is accomplished.

Our Vision

As the best interior designers in Cochin Kerala, we deliberately select the group from our worldwide workplaces based on every individual’s sectorial particular experience. Our worldwide assets bring an abundance of encounters that enable us to be imaginative in plan, one of a kind in idea advancement, proficient touch with worldwide best in class ideas.

We intend to be the most imaginative and client arranged plan firm that can decipher and make an interpretation of a customer’s vision into outline articulations that are both unmistakable and functional. To be a quality driven plan consultancy administrations business in the two INTERIORS and DESIGNING in the friendliness, corporate, private and retail advertises for qualified Clients in Cochin.

Our Team

We have a multifaceted team, highly skilled and professional. Our team will work in close coordination with the clients to conceptualize their demands and requirements and offer excellent solutions. We believe that our prior experiences and the diversity in our backgrounds contribute profoundly to our success as innovators and aid us in our creativity. Our human resources constitute qualified and well-experienced Interior designers, Engineers, Consultants, Planners, Visualizers, Supervisors, etc. In the top list of interior designers in Kerala , Judson Associates is one among the best interior designers in Kerala offering a complete Designing and Interior scheme.

Quality of work

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