Best Home Interior Designers in Kerala

Top Home Interior Designers in Kerala

A group of qualified home interior designers at Judson Associates are available to help with any interior design requirement you may have. For any room, our services offer a variety of layout and design alternatives to suit your taste and budget. To help you love where you live, a team of designers and project managers will collaborate with you. 

At Judson Associates, we take great delight in creating spaces that capture the spirit of individuality and self-expression.’You’ are the center of every project we work on, and your preferences, goals, and way of life are carefully considered throughout the design process. With attention to detail, a love of telling stories through design, and a dedication to flawless execution, Judson Associates creates custom spaces that highlight your uniqueness. 

Best Home Interior Designers in Kerala

Latest trends in home interior designers in Kerala

Kerala modern homes celebrate global décor aspects and traditional Kerala flair with modern design. Let’s take a peek inside Kerala homes to discover the most favored interior design styles. 

A Shift Toward Earthy Tone and Neutrals

A neutral foundation with touches of earthy hues is a prevalent color trend in Kerala homes, according to the best home interior designers in Kochi. If your walls and furniture are light in color, consider painting one wall a whole shade of olive green or textured terracotta red. Alternatively, incorporate a custom-built modular entertainment unit with painted shelving or a painted desk. Create wall niches by painting them a different color from the wall’s overall color. Install modern or ethnic patterned wallpaper on a few walls, namely in the entryway and corridors. Alternatively, for striking impact, paint a Kerala mural on a wall in your living room! 

Wooden Accent Pieces Are Still Popular

Aside from wooden furniture, wooden accents are common in Kerala homes built by modern home interior designers in Cochin. Wooden paneling on the walls and wooden accents on false ceilings are common. Consider adding a custom-designed, streamlined, and not overly hefty wooden entertainment unit to your house. Certified residential interior designers in Kochi can create a modern bookcase or showcase that meets your needs if you want to make one to display your collectibles. To complete the design, install wooden floors in your living room and bedrooms. Bring in a few family heirlooms, such as a wooden trunk, writing desk, or side table.

Comfortable, Bright Fabrics Remain a Favorite

The lighter upholstery and furniture made of cotton in shades of brown and cream are being replaced with plush materials like silk and velvet in vivid hues. The fact that living room sofa sets are no longer covered in a safe shade of brown is another obvious change over the last many years. The living room’s seating configurations are now brighter in color. In addition, beige sofa sets with vibrant throws and cushions might be seen, as well as a striking pair of bright blue armchairs to liven things up. The latest interior design for homes in Kerala suggests that furnishings with intricate designs and ethnic motifs can give a neo-classical or traditional feel. 

Modular bedroom Wardrobes

In Kerala, fashionable modular wardrobes are a popular option. Have yours constructed with a matt or high-gloss finish. Employ eye-catching details like a sliding wardrobe with lacquered glass shutters, a mirror contained in between, or a wardrobe with two or three tones. MDF, laminate, and mirror shutters with textured finishes are further options. 

Natural Materials Are Still Supreme

Homes in Kerala designed by residential interior firms in Kerala typically feature ceramic, stone, cane, rattan, metal, and wood materials. These materials can be used in creative ways. Purchase chairs with cane backs for your dining area. Install a colored stone or metallic backsplash in your kitchen, purchase a rough-cut stone washbasin or one with patterns for your dining room, or construct a chic glass barrier separating your living and eating areas. Make extensive use of metallic accessories, such as distinctive door handles and lampshades. At the entrance of your home, hang a traditional brass bell from Kerala.

Accents of traditional Indian décor

For a relaxing Sunday afternoon nap or to enjoy the evening air, hang wooden swings in your living room or balcony. If most of the furniture in your room is modern or contemporary, pick a few statement pieces of vintage furniture to serve as the center of attention in each area. Invest in a solid teak dinner carriage, hand-carved teak wood shutters for your windows, or a dining table with legs finished with gold leafing. You can also go to old, run-down houses and collect valuable wooden furniture items to fix up or restore your own house.

Modular kitchens

In Kerala homes, teak wood and marine plywood are common choices of home designers in Kochi for kitchen cabinets. In a large, open kitchen, wooden cabinets are a common requirement. For a more contemporary-looking kitchen, you can also use laminates, veneers, ceramic or natural stone, acrylic, glass, or back-painted glass.

Smart Homes: An Increasing Need

Smart houses with energy-saving features, security and surveillance cameras, gate automation, intruder alarms, and access controllers are becoming more and more popular. The benefits of smart blinds, curtains, and lighting can also be included. 

Why choose Judson associates-pioneer home interior designers in Kerala?

Why do we believe hiring an interior designer from the best home interior designers in Kerala is a wise decision? At Judson Associates, one of our guiding principles is that everyone should have access to a wonderful living environment that makes them feel happy and comfortable. 

In addition to having a stunning appearance, your room should reflect your style and personality and be functional in a way that complements your way of life. Amazing interior design may seem unattainable, but that’s because it doesn’t just happen. Professionals thoroughly consider, organize, and curate great settings. 

Money will be saved for you
Have you ever purchased furniture that, although it was wonderful in the store, turned out to be too large for your home? Have you ever painted three or four times in an attempt to select the ideal color scheme? Hiring a designer from the best modern home decor in Kerala can help you avoid expensive mistakes and make design decisions that will boost the value of your home. This may sound counterintuitive since you will be paying an additional charge for the designer's services.
Time will be saved for you
We would assume that the two things most individuals wish they had more of are money and time. In addition to saving you money, hiring home interior designers in Kochi will also save you time. A designer who is one of the best home interior designers in Kerala will be able to anticipate any hurdles that may arise because they already have a trained sense of what needs to be done and when.
You will receive an evaluation from a professional
A professional designer from Contemporary Home Decor in Kochi will provide you with a space layout that works right away. To become professional interior designers, people had to complete multiple apprenticeships and attend school. A skilled set of eyes will see details that you will undoubtedly overlook. The art and science of interior design must be carefully balanced, and skilled interior designers have studied both and know how to combine them.
There will be a competent liaison for you
An adept home interior designer in Kerala possesses the ability to communicate effectively with architects, contractors, and building owners. This is essential for budgeting and time management. For instance, where you want your furniture to be arranged will determine the best location for outlets. Before beginning any work, these kinds of problems should be resolved, and an interior designer from the residential interior design firms in Kerala will know exactly which problems to raise.
Your contacts and resources will be superior
Finding a reliable contractor, plumber, or electrician will be much easier if you hire a designer from modern home interior design in Kerala. With a design degree, you receive all the advantages of working with a professional—designers and decorators know how to make an environment that is both fashionable and useful. Furthermore, the best home interior designers in Kochi sometimes collaborate with other professionals who have formal training, such as architects, interior design businesses, interior decorators, and more.
You'll have a wow factor
A certified residential interior designer in Kerala is taught to perceive the whole picture in an interior space, something that clients frequently aren't able to do. They are also taught to think imaginatively and spatially. When it comes to interior design, residential interior design firms in Kerala frequently think beyond the box. You'll get not just a superb sense of design but also meticulous attention to detail, from furniture placement and lighting to fabric selections, color schemes, and fixture alternatives.


An interior designer offers precise and qualified guidance for the creation and implementation of interior design services for the residential or commercial contracting sectors. Interior designers create spaces, enhance their efficacy and functionality, and improve the lighting, color, textures, patterns, size, and other aspects. 

Visit potential leads’ websites and social media accounts to find out more about the designer. Take all the information you can from those sources. Use the sources listed to get in touch with them if they seem like a suitable fit for your project and you are enthusiastic about the prospect of collaborating with them. 

vision is the first step in the design process. Recognize your client’s needs and preferences as the initial step. Create mood boards by putting together a selection of concept-aligned photos, color schemes, textures, and furniture concepts.

Bringing together a varied collection of individuals from various professions and backgrounds to collaborate and produce fresh ideas is the goal of collaborative design. Truly original and useful solutions can be developed by utilizing the different viewpoints and expertise of this group.