Modular kitchen designers in kochi,kerala

Tailor-Made Modular Kitchen

Nowadays, the modular kitchen design is the leading trend among  home interiors in Kerala.What makes modular kitchen designs trending is its flexible kitchen layout which features pre – made cabinets and its units to create a customized layout. An interior designer in Kerala offers kitchens that seamlessly blend functionality and style,making them a popular choice for house owners looking to maximize their cooking and dining experience. We at judson associates best interior designers in kochi , incorporate our clients requirements into attractive designs as per the dimensions of the kitchen.

Types of modular kitchens

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout

An L-shaped modular kitchen is to optimize space and functionality by positioning cabinets and appliances in a “L” configuration along two adjacent walls. We are the top architects in kerala designing L shaped  modular kitchens with plenty of counter space and simple workflow between the cooking, cleaning, and storage areas, this plan is perfect for both small and big kitchens. The L-shaped layout is ideal for open-concept living spaces since it allows for the flexible incorporation of dining areas or extra storage options. It is a well-liked option for designing a practical yet fashionable kitchen space due to its adaptable arrangement.judson associates, modular kitchen designers in kochi provides 100% customized L-shaped modular kitchen layout for your dream home.

modular kitchen designers in kochi
parallale kitchen design

Parallel Shaped Kitchen or Galley Kitchen Layout

A parallel shaped or gallery shaped kitchen layout is designed by best residential architects in kerala in such a way that there is a walkway in between two long counter tops facing parallelly. Nowadays , the parallel shaped kitchen layout has become popular due to its style and functionality. People can move out easily within the space available from cooking to cleaning.Parallel shaped kitchens become so classic as it emphasizes on comfort which reduces unnecessary movements which makes tasks easier.Parallel Shaped Kitchen have become the latest craze among the modular kitchen designers in kerala.

Straight Modular Kitchen

Straight kitchens has evolved over a quite  number of decades ago.Home architects designer in kerala prefer straight modular kitchen layout as clients are very much interested and pleased with such an attractive layout. This type of kitchen is famous for its single wall layout involving cabinets,appliances which are attached to one wall. The advantage of a straight kitchen is that it is applicable for both small and big kitchens which can be aligned with all kinds of clients requirements. Even Though this layout has evolved a couple of decades ago, its popularity remains.

What is a modular kitchen and why it is trending in home interiors?

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

A u-shaped modular kitchen design is highly recommendable as its functionality as well as versatile layout facilitates workflow smoothly.This layout is structured in three walls of cabinets and countertops displaying U shaped, which provides enough storage space for cooking and cleaning.Counters used in this type of kitchen is at reasonable heights to reduce strain during cooking.The open space  of this model is used for serving breakfast by arranging a proper dining in between. Judson associates , Interior designers kochi kerala provides 100% customized u-shaped modular kitchen designs for your dream home.