Dining Room interior designers in kochi, kerala

Tailor made Dining room

Furniture for dining tables and other items are frequently purchased separately from ready-made furniture stores. However, you can choose to acquire a dining table, chairs, and crockery racks with Judson Associates in complementary colors and patterns. Dining room furniture can be perfectly matched with modular kitchen design through custom design and manufacturing. With Judson, you may have a design that is both comfy and meets your needs. View a selection of our dining room products on this page to personalize and incorporate into your interior design package. 

Customised Dining Table Set

With its well-carved wood construction, the Customized Dining Table Set will elevate your eating experience. To fit your style, select from a variety of exquisite dining chair upholstery options. There are multiple colors and finishes available for this set. Choose from a variety of sizes to ensure that your dining area is ideal. Durability and elegance are guaranteed by fine craftsmanship from the best interior designers in kochi. Our dining table set, which is close to you in Kochi, provides the ideal fusion of style and utility for your house.

We provide a one-year warranty against manufacturing faults and other problems with the materials utilized, as well as a lifetime warranty against termites and borers. The warranty does not cover wear and tear that occurs naturally and use of the product beyond its intended use. We procure high-grade timber logs. internal cutting methodology. Every piece of wood is seasoned and treated according to industry standards, giving it eternal termite resistance. Crafted and refined by proficient and knowledgeable artisans and polishers. Ultimately, each work reflects excellence and perfection.

Customised Dining Table Set

Crockery Shelf Unit

The ideal balance of roominess and refinement. Exquisitely designed with ample storage and careful attention to detail, it elegantly displays your most valuable belongings. Its timeless elegance and classic design perfectly blend in with a variety of decor styles, giving your living area more functionality and timeless beauty. This stylish and roomy display cabinet from interior designers in kerala will add a touch of elegance to your interior decor. 

Sideboards are long, usually waist-high storage cabinets used in the dining room to hold your dinnerware. Certain sideboards have drawers to hold napkins and silverware, while others have short legs or a base. Some sideboards even reach the floor. When hosting a party, sideboards can also serve as buffet tables and are quite useful for presenting food.

A built-in cabinetry system is a must for every interior design. It completes the entire appearance of the area in addition to adding aesthetic appeal. For your storage needs and to adorn the house’s nooks, Judson Associates,interior designers in kochi has the ideal answer. The crockery cabinets include open shelving that allows them to double as display units in addition to base storage with glass shutters. You can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere by accessorizing the cabinets with artwork, accessories, and your most treasured items. The cabinet works nicely in the living area, bedroom, hallway, and even outside. Now that you have the door cabinet at home, don’t worry about the blank walls; just style everything!

Wash Area

A wash area is an inevitable part of your dining room and you can get it customized with the help of Best home interior designer in kerala. The prevalence of common wash area designs that link dining and entertainment areas necessitates careful consideration. Even in small homes, you can transform this frequently disregarded space with the help of elegant countertops, well-designed basins, and well-built cabinets. Although usefulness is the main focus of this area, that doesn’t imply it can’t be more. Wash cabinets, which come with a mirror, shelf, and washbasin units, allow you to create an aesthetically pleasing wash area concept in addition to offering a large storage space. 

Bar counter

Bar Counter

Majority of modern houses have a bar counter unit in the dining room itself. 

Modern and Sleek Designs: These tables give a sophisticated touch to any dining area or bar area with their sleek and contemporary designs.
Built-in Shelves: Bar tables with shelves often include built-in storage spaces, providing handy places to put bottles, glasses, and other bar necessities close at hand.
Eco-beneficial Option: Since wood is a renewable resource and an environmentally beneficial material, wooden benches are a green option. Selecting wooden furniture allows you to reduce your carbon impact and promote sustainability.
Many uses: The wooden bar table is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
Simple to Maintain: Wood is a reasonably simple material to clean and care for. All you have to do is use a moist towel to wipe out any spills or dust off the bar stool. Furthermore, occasional polishing or wood treatment can help preserve its beauty over time.