Top Bedroom interior designers in kerala

Tailor Made Bedroom

Bedroom is a space in which people spend their most time to get relaxed  from worries,hurries and anxieties from their busy schedule. However, to get this feeling best interior designers in kerala crafted bedroom designs with unique taste and lifestyle. A normal bedroom occupies space to fit in basic bedroom furniture like cot,wardrobe,dressing table etc.in order to make the bedroom attractive we should place bedroom furniture that aligns with bedroom interior designs. This is where you can leverage the expertise of top interior designers in kerala. We, the best home interior designers in Kerala, made a tailor-made bedroom  thoughtfully to create a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and practicality, transforming your personal space into a dream retreat. Below are the few samples of our bedroom interior designing and furnishing works.


In Bedroom designing,  the bed is the central element around which the room’s style, layout, and functionality are built. Bedroom layout is been mainly emphasized on how the bed is built and arranged.we are judson associates , the best interior designers in kochi offers wide range of  styles and color option as per the client requirements

dressing unit

Dressing units

Dressing unit is an indispensable part of the bedroom design as it often comes into the wardrobe. A dressing unit is usually placed adjacent to the bed or near a mirror to provide convenient access during morning and evening routine. Judson associates provides bedroom interior designing which enhances functionality and aesthetics, creating a dedicated space for grooming activities while complementing the overall decor of the room.


In bedroom interior designing, wardrobes are essential storage solutions designed to arrange clothes, accessories, and personal belongings while complementing the room’s aesthetic. We are the top interior designers in kerala providing different varieties of wardrobes which integrate with clients desired templates in the form of sliding wardrobe with dressing unit and wardrobe with tv unit.



Lighting is an indispensable aspect in bedroom interior designing.The beauty of a bedroom largely depends on how the lighting is installed.lighting arrangements are classified into Ambient Lighting,Task Lighting, Accent Lighting and Decorative Lighting. We at judson associates best interior designers in kerala help clients in choosing the best lighting arrangements in order to get a cozy atmosphere.

Decor and Accessories

Decor and accessories play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal, comfort, and functionality of a bedroom. If the decor and accessories are arranged in a manner which utilizes the bedroom space effectively will give an overall appeal to the room. So,while choosing decor and accessories it is best to get the guidance of a well established interior designer. The main elements of decor and accessories are Wall Art, mirrors, plants and Personal Touches