Different color schemes for different bedrooms

Bedrooms are an essential factor while looking at conceptualizing a home from an interior designer’s perspective.Who your client is, their likes, dislikes, moods, emotions, and preferences are reflected in their rooms, hence why color schemes are crucial and make or break your designs.Choosing appropriate hues and shades of color relies heavily on client precedence’s, which must be nailed and translated flawlessly.This blog highlights various color schemes we worked on based on our client’s discretions!

Heavenly body - White + Gold accents, and grey

The color scheme client requested for this bedroom was mainly whites and greys with a hint of gold. Interior elements, including wardrobes, side tables & study area furniture, lambs and pendant lights, carpet, and bed linen harbor the color scheme faultlessly.

Warm-toned beauty - A mix of browns, beige, and gold

Inspired by the wood, this room is entirely gushing with warm color from the ceiling to the floor to the walls—warmness emanates in the furniture and other interior elements employed in this distinct space.

Aquatic vibe - Turquoise, white + hints of blueish grey & brown

The room reminisces the ocean; with bright turquoise hues and a mix of white, blueish grey & brown, the room conjures the beauty of the “under the ocean” vibe wholly.

Emerald - Hues of green, browns + warm white

The personification of an emerald in the rough. Like the stone, the room’s primary color combo is a mix of different tones of green, mainly olive green to dark green, with accents of brown and white—a perfect look of the precious stone in a spatial format.

Cool-toned marvel - White, grey, and hues of blue & purple

The room inculcates an entirely cool-toned theme with white and grey colors. And wall paint, wall art & curtains with hints of blue & purple. The space reflects a misty morning in the woods. Color can make or break any design—colors assist interior designers in deciphering design conceptualizations into reality. Different color schemes integrated into interior design bring out any space’s beauty and flawlessness!