How To Design a Home That Reflects Your Personality

With the colors and patterns, we select, our home may reflect who we are and tell a story. Our houses should, in the end, be representations of our personalities. Therefore, we must express ourselves via design by experimenting with texture and shadow, including artwork, and combining unique textiles with tastefully chosen furniture.
A bold pattern or gentle earthy pastels applied to the walls will immediately give your room personality; conversely, bright color bursts convey your happy optimism. Your story can be told and your individuality revealed by decorating your walls with wall art, paintings, or unique centerpieces and potted plants.

Use wall art to make an impression

A home interior designer in Kerala choosing artwork for your home, such as vibrant prints, paintings, or photos, is a terrific way to give your surroundings an instant sense of individuality. Go big and choose a statement painting to hang in your drawing room, which will be the first thing guests see when they arrive for dinner. You can also choose to create a wall collage, which allows you to combine many different styles into one cohesive piece while still maintaining a curated look. Finally, line your staircase with artistic illustrations. 

Never Give Up Your Comfort

Comfort is key since nothing is more annoying than having to live in a place that appears to be from an interior design magazine or furniture store catalogue but is extremely uncomfortable. Although it can be challenging at times to combine comfort and style, it is entirely possible with a little work. Therefore, choosing a comfortable and attractive sofa with the help of interior designes in Kochi will make you happier than choosing an elegant and well-designed one, since the latter isn’t a location, you’ll want to unwind after a long day at work, even though it may appear better. Therefore, it’s essential to decide what’s comfortable for you before purchasing anything new (some people prefer stiff, while others prefer soft), so you can make an apt decision.

Look for distinctive furniture

Whether we are obsessed with cottagecore, love the Scandi aesthetic, or prefer mid-century modernism, our furniture selections can reveal a lot about us. Flat-pack fixtures have their place and time, but if you want your interiors to reflect your style, finding interesting vintage pieces with the aid of home interior designers in Kochi (like an armchair with an Art Deco design or a sideboard from the 1970s) is a terrific way to achieve so without going over budget. There is no shortage of inspiration on websites like Vinterior and Pamono.

Feeling Is Everything

It is not necessary to have a spotless, minimalist living room to feel comfortable in your own home. Instead, focus on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere because that’s the only thing that will make your house feel especially your own. Your home will feel more unique and intimate when you use contrasting colors, showcase treasured family artifacts, and use souvenirs as décor. Of course, this doesn’t imply that your home should be disorganized, but in terms of interior design by top architects in Kerala, don’t be afraid to take a casual approach; it will help you unwind and your guests will love how welcoming and comfortable the space seems. 

Believe in the Small Things

Books, vases, flowerpots, and paintings are items that can bring forth your genuine individuality. For instance, if you prefer a more organic design, a hand-braided jute rug would add a lot of character to your home. Choosing patterned cushions, sofa coverings, and wall tapestries can also be a terrific way to add a lot of warmth to your living area. To ensure that everything looks tidy and well-decorated, understand how to match colors and patterns with the help of professional home interior designers in Kochi if you’re going shopping for decor items and accessories.

Select a Look That Is True to Yourself

Even if it might be challenging at times to define who you are, particularly when it comes to home décor, it’s crucial to ascertain your preferences with the help of modern home interior designers in Kerala. There’s no point looking at furniture in the Scandinavian design if you like larger-than-life exquisite features; they’re very different. On the other hand, choosing colorful bohemian decor pieces can only make you feel overwhelmed by all the weirdness, if you want the simplicity and pragmatism that go with the Scandinavian design. In addition, since it will ultimately make you feel more at ease and content, it’s always preferable to draw inspiration from your favorite looks rather than blindly replicating them.