What are some common mistakes people make when designing their dream home

While creating your ideal house is an exciting experience, it’s important to steer clear of common design blunders to make sure your vision is realized. It is crucial to remember that a house should have a purpose and meet certain demands in addition to being aesthetically beautiful.

We will go over the top six typical home design errors in today’s column, which you should steer clear of when building a new home. Top architects in Kerala may make sure that your house fulfills your practical needs in addition to its aesthetic appeal by being aware of and steering clear of these common mistakes.

What are some common mistakes people make when designing their dream home

Unbalanced Architecture

It’s crucial to give careful thought to aspects like hallway width, window location, and room size when constructing your new house. Examining every facet of the design thoroughly guarantees that possible problems are found and fixed before the start of construction. The requisite modifications to improve the rooms’ functionality are made possible by this attention to detail. 

Plans That Are Not Complete or Extant

Incomplete house plans might lead to serious issues during the design and building phases. In the absence of a clear plan, employees may misinterpret the design and commit expensive errors. A comprehensive house plan by a home interior designer in Kerala is essential to prevent misunderstandings and ensure a seamless construction process.

Insufficient Storage

It is essential to have enough storage space in your home’s design. The pantry, linen closet, and utility cupboard are the main spaces you need to think about. While the linen cabinet conveniently keeps linens and towels, the utility cupboard houses larger things like the vacuum cleaner and ironing board. Think about keeping small equipment like toasters and kettles in the pantry. Planning well guarantees that your house remains functional and orderly.


Plans for Floors That Do Not Fit

It’s possible that the floor plan you’ve chosen doesn’t work with the way your land is laid out. A thorough approach to designing a new home with the help of leading architects in Kerala is to take the site’s unique circumstances into account at all times. This makes optimization possible depending on parameters like orientation, slope, and any land constraints. What can be built ultimately depends on the plot’s size and location.


Insufficient Room Sizes

One of the most common home layout mistakes is that people don’t check room dimensions in floor plans, leading to furniture not fitting. Measure your old furniture and plan your layout accordingly for a better fit. Adding extra space ensures ample room for comfortable movement.

Another important aspect of home design is creating a space that can grow with your family. Consider building in room to expand or modify the house later on, so it remains functional and practical as your needs change over time.

Ignoring Traffic Flow

A good home design considers how people move from room to room. Best interior designers in Kochi suggest neglecting traffic flow can result in awkward layouts, with furniture blocking paths and causing inconvenience. Make sure to think about how your rooms connect and keep clear paths for easy movement.


In conclusion, while the process of designing your dream home is undoubtedly thrilling, we at judson associates keeps aside  common design pitfalls to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Remember, a home should not only be visually attractive but also functional, meeting yourl needs and demands. In order to make this happen there are six home design errors which needs to be addressed. with the assistance of best interior designers in kerala you can ensure your home fulfills both aesthetic aspirations and practical requirements. Balanced architecture, complete and detailed plans, sufficient storage, adaptable floor plans, adequately sized rooms, and thoughtful traffic flow considerations are the essential elements which has to be focused why designing home that harmoniously combines beauty and functionality.